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Lyme sufferer Ann Maher has been organising patient meetups in Ireland for a number of years now. This year the meetup developed into Ireland’s 2nd conference on Lyme disease. ‘Patients Helping Patients’ was the title & was supported by Tick Talk Ireland. Organiser Ann says:

Ann conf 2016

The conference was a huge success, with 120 attendees there, which included some G.P’s from around the Country, Dental surgeon, Cardiac consultant, 2 Pharmacists and a County Councillor from Kerry, which is a high risk area for Lyme disease.

Many “New Patients” attended, which makes me so sad that after all these years, nothing much has changed as regards early diagnosis and treatment, we had Patients from all over Ireland North and South.

The very sad situation of Misdiagnosis is a serious Problem, which we wish, with Education for the Medical profession and the Public that might change over the coming years. Of course, it seems our testing needs to improve, but that is a worldwide problem as well.

I really appreciated that Dr Armin Schwarzbach invited those European speakers on our Behalf;-

Conf agenda

Dr Herbert Rixecker( Dental Surgeon),
Dr Albin Obiltschnig( Orthopedic hand Surgeon), who had Lyme disease himself.
Pol De Saadeleer ( PharmaD)
Dr Armin Schwarzbach did a wonderful presentation on the day.!

I was especially delighted that Dr Jack Lambert from the Mater Private hospital, Dublin, accepted my invitation to do a Presentation on the day, which he also presents to groups of G.P’s around Ireland, on behalf of the Mater Private hospital.

Dr Lambert also presented data in a poster session on the first 100 patients from the Irish perspective, in June 2016 ILADS conference in Helsinki & will also be appearing at the upcoming Vis-a-Vis conference in London this October.

All in all the conference was a success. It’s very hard for patients to organise these big events but we do it to help raise awareness, bring patients and doctors together and to hope for a better future!

Some upcoming confs in the UK are listed here at: http://lymediseaseuk.com/2016/03/20/upcoming-events-3/

Check out this excellent video below, courtesy of Nicci St.George Smith this 18 mins video inc snippets of presentations plus interviews with speakers & patients


Survey results:

For several years now we have had a rolling survey which we publish every 18 months to 2 years. In May 2016 we released our latest results. Here are some snippets of the surveys..

Snippets from the Lyme survey – full report available via PDF

127 people replied to the survey during the months of July 2009 to end April 2016:-

When asked which country the tick-borne infection took place, 64% of our respondents were infected in Ireland and 18.5% in North America. The remaining 17.5% listed Europe as their source of infection.

An overwhelming 41% of respondents said they were infected whilst out walking (in woods, along a beach, by a lake or in a park). 10% indicated they were infected in their own gardens & 6% whilst camping.

52% patients waited a year or more before receiving a diagnosis

86 out of our 127 respondents have been ill for more than a year in TOTAL including pre & post treatment which is an alarming 68%.

Nearly a THIRD of these patients (25 out of 86) have been ill for 10 years or longer.

Regarding misdiagnosis, 38 people indicated they were previously diagnosed with ME (chronic fatigue syndrome), 21 people were told they had psychiatric disorders, 15 had FMS (fibromyalgia), 10 MS (multiple sclerosis) & 1 person was misdiagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

Symptoms among our respondents were wide ranging, particularly in those that have been ill for a long time. The highest response rate of symptoms included profound fatigue (81%), weakness (79%), muscle aches (78%), poor concentration (74%), migratory joint pain (70%), stiff neck (70%),
tingling/numbness (68%), sleep disorder (67%), poor memory (66%), headaches (66%), dizziness (64%), stiffness (63%) & brain fog (62%).

It is interesting to note that the erythema migrans (EM) rash was only present in 43% of the patients at the start of the illness and 22% have multiple EM’s during the course of the illness. This shows that a rash is not always present or even noticed.

A shocking 55% of our respondents suffer 20 symptoms or more as part of their illness.

20 respondents have consulted a Lyme specialist in the UK, 17 went to the USA, 14 went to Germany, 2 to Switzerland, 3 in other parts of Europe (France, Portugal & Hungary). 17 saw a private consultant in Ireland.

For treatment protocols 69% have used tetracyclines (e.g doxycycline), 34% penicillin (e.g. amoxicillin), 26% macrolides (e.g. zithromax), 26% IV antibiotics, 22% metronidazole (e.g. flagyl) and 18% cephalosporin (e.g. zinnat).

For alternative therapies 29% of respondents have tried acupuncture, 28% Co-enzyme Q10, 28% massage, 23% have taken Cat’s Claw/Samento, 21% homeopathy, 14% Alpha Lipoic and 14% glutathione. To help with symptoms, 48% use probiotics, 45% painkillers & just under a quarter of the patients reported they take anti-depressants.

109 people responded to the last question – as to which type of treatment had been the most helpful. 74% answered antibiotics, 32% rated alternative therapy, 31% of people found supplements to be helpful, 26% found painkillers helped them whilst 29% mentioned ‘other’ methods helped (including massage, yoga, infra-red saunas & physiotherapy).


Snippets from the Tick survey
– full report available via PDF

The most common area for ticks was an overwhelming 21% in Galway, 15% in Kerry, 12% in Cork, plus 7% in Donegal & Clare.

44% of ticks were found in tall grasses, 21% in private gardens.

46% of ticks were found whilst walking, 13% whilst gardening.

54% of ticks were found on adults, 30% on dogs, 20% on children, 7% on cats, 4% on deer

Was the tick attached when found?

87% of people reported that the ticks were attached to the skin when found (ie embedded).

13% reported that the tick was found crawling over the skin (but NOT embedded).

51% of our respondents who had an embedded tick noticed that the tick was engorged when found, which indicates the tick has been feeding for some time. This greatly increases the chance of transmission of Lyme Disease if the tick was in fact infected with Lyme (borrelia) bacteria.



Lyme disease: Nobel Prize Winner Prof. Montagnier denounces the inefficiency of test protocols

June 19, 2016, 4:51 p.m.|

The Lyme disease , transmitted by tick bites, is poorly diagnosed and treated in France, due to a “great ignorance about its chronic nature,” said Sunday, at a conference in Strasbourg, the Nobel Prize medicine Luc Montagnier, who claims to have made promising discoveries to better diagnose the condition.

“It is unfortunate that governments and health authorities have not a coherent policy on Lyme disease,” denounced the co-discoverer of the AIDS virus.

“There are currently a total ignorance on the subject of much of the medical and scientific community, “added Professor Montagnier, who was speaking during a study day devoted to this pathology, organized by” Lyme without borders “, an association of angry patients against the formal approach to the disease.

For Professor Montagnier, 83, the tests used today to detect the Lyme bacteria give too many “false negatives” because they are based on the detection of antibodies, while some patients infected do not develop – or they have been infected there too long for this test method to be effective.

The scientist, who worked in Paris in a research institute that bears his name, seeks to to develop a diagnostic method of detecting in the blood plasma of traces of the DNA of the bacteria, by sensing the electromagnetic waves emitted by the sample. “I think this test is more reliable” than those currently in force, said the Nobel Prize, while agreeing that this electromagnetic approach was “not recognized by a number of scientists, so had the hard to get it validated. ”

27,000 new cases of Lyme disease are officially reported each year in France, but according to the association” Lyme without borders “, this figure is in fact much more important, in the order of” ten times more “.

Detected too late, the disease – for which there is no vaccine – can have severe and debilitating neurological consequences for patients.

According to the members, many patients, sometimes nailed in a wheelchair, have “wandered” from doctor to doctor and sometimes treated hypochondriacs lack of proper diagnosis.

“Yet even 10 years after the condition (a tick bite, ed), it may be that the bacterium is there, hidden in the body,“said Professor Montagnier.

In such cases, it is very important to ask the right diagnostic to offer treatment with antibiotics, which “can be effective,” he said.

For a look at the similarities between Aids & the Lyme movement check out our recent blog post (see about half way down the post for details ‘Is Lyme the new Aids?’).


Nice guidelines

– in the UK there have been moves to create useful guidelines for GP’s to follow regarding treatment and diagnoses of Lyme disease. As we know from the Infectious Disease Society Guidelines of America, setting guidelines can be fraught with dangers. Do you accept that Lyme is a chronic, persisting illness which as yet has no known cure or do you believe that Lyme is shortlived, easy to treat and therefore suggest a treatment in the box approach. Research does show that Lyme bacteria is very difficult to treat, it can evade antibiotics as well as the immune system, it is shape shifting and can be protected by biofilm. More recently it has been suggested that borrelia can even hide inside nematode worms causing lewy body dementia. Can this be a cause of some types of alzheimers?

During a meeting with Prof Whitty (investigator who will lead a government review into Lyme disease) there was a suggestion that scientists who have strong opinions on either side of the argument (short lived v chronic Lyme believers) will be disregarded from review. However, where does that leave scientists such as Eva Sapi & Dr Alan McDonald, both with first hand knowledge of Lyme disease? They have studied Lyme bacteria in great deal and understand the bug more than many – is it fair to disregard their expertise because of their involvement in the Lyme community? I’m sure patients are waiting with some trepidation to the outcome, a review is needed but not at the expense of ignoring a whole section of research.

Here is a link to Caudwell Lyme Charity’s meeting with Prof Whitty, plus Lyme Group UK’s response to a petition that was submitted to the government.

Meanwhile, many Lyme groups are taking part in the NICE guideline review, inc Lyme UK, Viras & Lyme Disease Action. Tick Talk has offered it’s article on testing concerns (PDF) which has been accepted by the NICE guidelines committee.


Irish documentary team looking for backers, take a moment to watch the video, it’s heart wrenching..


Lyme prevention!

Meanwhile, don’t forget to protect your family this summer. Check out our latest article published in ‘My Kids Time’ web site 🙂

Why It’s Important to Protect Your Family from Ticks

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News Updates!

During summer Tick Talk Ireland sent a letter of concern to the Minister of Health (Ireland), the HPSC (Irish equiv HPA), Director of the EU CDC & a copy was submitted with the petition & rally outside 10 Downing Street in May. No response has been received from any of those parties. Meanwhile in September we emailed several health organisations with studies regarding the problems with testing. It was noted November 2012 that some of the entities contacted created a consensus statement citing unison with the IDSA guidelines. In response we created this letter:

Dear sirs, on the 18th September 2012 a full & lengthy report was submitted to the entities above with regards to the many problems associated with Lyme Disease testing. This was accompanied with numerous studies supporting the points put forward. It has been noted however that a consensus statement has since been drawn up & published online by the following entities:

Scientific Advisory Committee of the Health Protection Surveillance Centre,
Infectious Diseases Society of Ireland, the Irish Society of Clinical Microbiologists,
Irish Institute of Clinical Neuroscience and the Irish College of General Practitioners

As a concern for patients we believe the following affidavits should be included:

1. Guidelines are designed for voluntary use only & should not be used to replace the knowledge of the treating physician:

Per IDSA: http://www.idsociety.org/Guidelines_Patient_Care/

Quote: “It is important to realize that guidelines cannot always account for individual variation among patients. They are not intended to supplant physician judgement with respect to particular patients or special clinical situation. IDSA considers adherence to the guidelines listed below to be voluntary, with the ultimate determination regarding their application to be made by the physician in the light of each patient’s individual circumstances.”

Per European CDC: http://ecdc.europa.eu/en/healthtopics/tick_borne_diseases/lyme_disease/basic_facts/Pages/factsheet_health_professionals.aspx

Quote: “The information contained in this factsheet is intended for the purpose of general information and should not be used as a substitute for the individual expertise and judgement of healthcare professionals.”

2. Testing can be problematic causing false positives & false negatives for several reasons:

Per Trinity Biotech: https://ticktalkireland.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/elisa-trinity-vise.pdf

The test kit states “The diagnosis of Lyme disease must be made based on history, signs (such as erythema migrans), symptoms, and other laboratory data, in addition to the presence of antibodies to B. burgdorferi. *Negative results (either first- or second step) should not be used to exclude Lyme disease.*”

Some reasons for the possible pitfalls with Elisa testing per the kit manufacturer’s notes include the following…

*B. burgdorferi is antigenically complex with strains that vary considerably.

*Early antibody responses often are to flagellin, which has cross-reactive components.

*Patients in early stages of infection may not produce detectable levels of antibody.

*Early antibiotic therapy after EM may diminish or abrogate good antibody response.

Thus in their own words “Serological tests for antibodies to B. burgdorferi are known to have low sensitivity and specificity, and because of such inaccuracy, these test cannot be relied upon for establishing a diagnosis of Lyme disease”.

More information on the downfall of testing is available in the following document

3. Lyme testing criteria set by the CDC is for ‘surveillance’ criteria & should not be used to exclude diagnosis.

Per CDC: http://wwwn.cdc.gov/NNDSS/beta/bcasedef.aspx?CondYrID=752&DatePub=1/1/2011%2012:00:00%20AM

Quote: “This surveillance case definition was developed for national reporting of Lyme disease; it is not intended to be used in clinical diagnosis.”

Per European CDC: http://ecdc.europa.eu/en/healthtopics/tick_borne_diseases/lyme_disease/basic_facts/Pages/factsheet_health_professionals.aspx

Quote: “Further improvements in diagnostic tests are also required.”

As a team we have access to many scientific papers as well as lab test kit information from various manufacturers & feel very concerned that information with regards to the problems with testing is not being relayed sufficiently to doctors. We are aware that consultants are still telling patients that Lyme doesn’t exist here in Ireland therefore rashes are being missed or blamed on a spider bite. Too much reliance is also placed on testing (a negative leads to patients being refused treatment). We know that early diagnosis is key to successful treatment; those treated later their prognosis for a full recovery is not so good.

Per Trinity Biotech: Late, delayed, or inadequate treatment can lead to the more serious symptoms, which can be disabling and difficult to treat.

Until testing can significantly be improved we feel that more must be done to ensure swift & effective clinical diagnosis. We also feel adherence to restrictive guidelines & testing does little to help patients, & welcome the day when improvements can be made. In the interim if our concerns can be met regarding the points mentioned above we would be grateful.

We will continue to post updates as we soon as we know more….

Christmas Gifts at Tick Talk Ireland

Find a cure bangles, lyme survivor bracelets, make a difference key rings & copies of Under Our Skin with free car sticker are available. Head on down to: http://www.ticktalkireland.org/merchandise.html for more including tick twisters & repellants to protect your family.

Conference DVD

June 5/6 2012 bought the very first conference on Lyme Disease to Ireland, attracting highly respected professionals from around the world. A conference 3 disk DVD set will soon be ready for release & updates will be posted on our main website & facebook pages once it’s available. For more information on the conference plus reviews head on down to: http://www.ticktalkireland.org/conferencereview2012.html

Tick Talk Surveys

If anyone comes across ticks in Ireland we have some surveys to report on where they were found. This is a rolling survey (results updated each year) so we can analyse any changes over time. We also have surveys for Lyme sufferers who have been infected in Ireland (or infected abroad but treated & tested here in Ireland.) More details are available at: http://www.ticktalkireland.org/surveys.html.

To review results of previous surveys check out our blog site at:

New Book to Warn Children about Lyme Disease

Tick Talk Ireland have written a new children’s book to help warn children, teachers & parents about the dangers of ticks, the carriers of Lyme Disease. Did you know that Lyme is alive & kicking in Ireland? Would you know how to prevent infection?

An educational story & picture book following the adventures of Luna & Dips (tick). Follow Luna from her birth as a young larva as she navigates her way through the trials & tribulations of growing up. She learns many things from her adult friend Dips but often has to go & undertake her quest alone. She yearns to be grown up & look just like Fantaz, a nymphal tick, who gives her more advice. Will Luna grow up to be the tick she desires?

We’d love to make the book available free to schools, accompanied with a factsheet with tips on protection & prevention. For more details & a video clip of our current project head on down at: http://www.fundit.ie/project/the-adventures-of-luna–dips

We’re also looking for helping with funding – pledges can be made on the site link above in return for rewards including free t-shirts, certificate, copy of the book, tick pullers & maybe even a free night’s stay at Clontarf Castle for 2!

Craft Fair & Tick Talk Fundraiser

For anyone with family or friends in the Galway area (a hotspot area for Lyme disease) why not come down & see us at the Christmas Craft Fair 8/9 Dec at the Oranmore Community Centre from 10am-6pm?.. There’ll be loads of crafts stalls, lots of home baking, a remembrance tree, Tick Talk awareness table & children’s entertainer all available on the day.

And don’t forget to bring your letters for Santa!

With all the best & keep safe!

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Lyme Awareness Month is upon us once more. Many experts are expecting a bumper year for tick bites due to the mild, wet winter. To learn more on how to protect yourselves or to learn about testing, treatment, research & supportive therapies why not check out our upcoming lyme conference in June? We also have tips on our site on tick removal, tick twisters for sale & leaflets available. For the entire month of May Tick Talk are hosting an online charity auction to help raise much needed funds for printing of posters & undertaking tick sweeps & tick testing across parts of the country. Take a look at some of the things we have to offer, all donated & made by lyme sufferers/ Tick Talk supporters themselves. Proceeds will go directly to our work, details on how to bid as follows!

Crafty Sew & So May Auction – in aid of Tick Talk Ireland

Rules of bidding:

1. Have a look at the items below & note the end date & minmum bid price (don’t forget to factor in shipping costs when you’re making your bid. For example the min. bid price maybe 5 euro plus 4.50 shipping so total = 9.50)
2. Once you have chosen an item to bid on send an email to bids(at)ticktalkireland.org & place the item requested in subject line (replace at with @ when sending). Mention in your email your min. bid price & max. bid price
4. You will also receive confirmation of any bids received. (If you are outbid we will email you back promptly)
5. Once the deadline has finished, winning bidders will be contacted with a paypal link. They have until 5 days to make payment after which the item goes back on the site for re-auction. The item will be mailed to the address details registered in paypal, if the delivery address is different pls indicate in comments
6. Any items not sold will be rolled forward to the following week’s auction – entire auction ends at the end of MAY
7. All proceeds minus seller’s material costs, paypal & postage fees will go directly to Tick Talk Ireland
8. If you would like to donate any items for the auction pls mail photos plus info on dimensions, materials, suggested min bid price, how much you would like to cover material costs & estimated weight (to allow for shipping costs). We would need to know a little about you also to mention on the site.

Many thanks & GOOD LUCK!!

Added 20th May 2012

Books by PJ Langhoff

These items have been written & donated by author PJ Langhoff (supporter of Tick Talk Ireland & Ticked Off! the movie)

Amount to seller = none
Suggested Min bid price = 30 euros
Shipping & paypal fees = 10 euros USA / 20 euros rest of world
(will be shipped from the states)
End date of auction = 31st May 2012 (entire auction ends at the end of MAY)

The Fourth Monkey: An Untold History of the Lyme Disease Epidemic
PJ Langhoff

See No Evil. Hear No Evil. Speak No Evil. But First, Do No Evil!

Paperback edition of the ground-breaking scientific exposé that details a history of Lyme disease that has never before been told.

What do industries have to do with infectious diseases? Find out now! 416 pages. 8.25″x11″

God Science The Secret World of Rampant Genetics, Hidden Illness, and Biotech Profiteering
PJ Langhoff
A riveting and explosive expose on the history of Lyme disease and other diseases of the modern day, an intimate look at the history of biological warfare (biowarfare); GM foods, vaccines, epidemic illnesses; and an examination into the conspiracy theories surrounding Lyme disease and other illnesses.

Truly a memorable book that will leave everyone on the edge of their seats. You won’t believe the information packed into this sizeable book….The origins of Lyme disease and the persons, places and industries that may be part of a paradigm of denial for a global epidemic. Cover artwork by H. Lucas.

Standard Edition Paperback. 826 pages. 8.25″x11″ Approx. 5 lbs.

Added 20th May 2012

Computer Art Prints:

These items have been designed & donated by Jenny O’Dea (officer of Tick Talk Ireland)

* To celebrate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee 2012
* Print measures 21 x 30 cm (12 x 8 ins)
* Printed on high quality glossy paper

Amount to seller = none
Suggested Min bid price = 4.25 euros
Shipping & paypal fees = 1.75 euros
End date of auction = 31st May 2012 (entire auction ends at the end of MAY)

To bid: send email to bids(at)ticktalkireland.org with choice of item below & your min & max bid price (replace at with @ when sending)

Union Jack Print “Fireworks”

It’s like an explosion in a paint factory (with a glossy print finish…)

An unusual and funky item for that special someone who has everything!

Union Jack Print “Fuzzy Peach”

Reminds me of the fuzzy felt set I had as a child!

An unusual and funky item for that special someone who has everything!

Added 20th May 2012

Miniature Teds:

These items have been handmade & donated by Jenny O’Dea (officer of Tick Talk Ireland)

* Completely hand designed, modelled & painted by artist.

* Varnished and felted for extra protection.

* Comes in own gift box.

Amount to seller = none
Suggested Min bid price = 2.50 euros
Shipping & paypal fees = 4.00 euros
End date of auction = 31st May 2012 (entire auction ends at the end of MAY)

To bid: send email to bids(at)ticktalkireland.org with choice of item below & your min & max bid price (replace at with @ when sending)

Harry the Heart Hugging Miniature Model Bear

* Harry sits on a purple cushion,
carrying a large red heart
for your loved one to share

* Dimensions: 2.25 ins long, 2 ins wide by 3 ins high

* Modelled in stone plaster.

* Great for collectors or as a small gift.

Isabella Flower Petal Miniature Model Bear

* Isabella, sitting pretty on a turquoise blue cushion
holding a beautiful pink flower to share with her loved one.

* Great for collectors or as a small gift

* Modelled in stone plaster

* Dimensions: 2 ins long, 2 ins wide by 3 ins high

Tammy the Tumbling Miniature Model Bear
* Tammy is playfully laying on her orange cushion wearing a pretty pink ribbon

* Can be sat up or laid down in 2 different poses

* Great for collectors or as a small gift

* Dimensions: 3 ins long, 1.75 ins wide by 1.75 ins high

Tedward the Bear with Scarf Miniature Model Bear

* Tedward bear is sitting on a thick blue cushion sporting a creamy brown scarf, all ready for Winter!

* Great for collectors or as a small gift

* Dimensions: 2 ins long, 2 ins wide by 3 ins high

Miniature Cottages:

These items have been handmade & donated by Jenny O’Dea (officer of Tick Talk Ireland)

* Totally handmade from design to finished product.

* Varnished and felted for extra protection.

* Comes in own gift box.

* Suitable for any collector.

Amount to seller = none
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End date of auction = 31st May 2012 (entire auction ends at the end of MAY)

To bid: send email to bids(at)ticktalkireland.org with choice of item below & your min & max bid price (replace at with @ when sending)

Old Miller’s Cottage – Miniature Cottage with waterwheel

* In memory of the olden days where water wheels were used for milling flour. The design has a waterwheel on one side and a creeping vine on the other.

Measurements: 3 in long, 2.5 in wide and 3 in high.

Clare Cottage – Miniature Irish Thatched Cottage

* Made from stone plaster – an artist’s impression of an Irish thatched cottage found in County Clare, Ireland.

Measurements: 3.5 in long, 2 in wide and 2.5 in tall.

Adare Cottage – Miniature Irish Thatched Cottage with Flowers

* Adare is a lovely village in the County of Limerick renowned for it’s quaint picture postcard cottages.

Measurements: 3.5 in long, 2.5 in wide and 3 in high.

Buttercup Cottage – Old English Thatched Cottage

* Artist’s inspired design in memory of Shakespeare & the grand old cottages of England

Measurements: 3.5 in long, 3 in wide and 3 in high.

Computer Art Prints:

These items have been designed & donated by Jenny O’Dea (officer of Tick Talk Ireland)

* Print measures 21 x 30 cm (12 x 8 ins)
* Printed on high quality glossy paper
* Copyright notice removed in final printing

Amount to seller = none
Suggested Min bid price = 4.25 euros
Shipping & paypal fees = 1.75 euros (Ire) 1.75 euros (Rest of World)
End date of auction = 31st May 2012 (entire auction ends at the end of MAY)

To bid: send email to bids(at)ticktalkireland.org with choice of item below & your min & max bid price (replace at with @ when sending)

Fairy Magic Print – Fantasy Fairies Butterfly

This beautiful fairy flutters through her toadstool patch..

With a butterfly for company.

Perfect for that special someone, suitable for all ages

Sunset Sails Print – Fantasy Ship Boat Yacht Sea

A beautiful print of a sailing boat moored in tranquil shores.

The vivid sunset reflected on calming seas.

Some georgeous sunset colours provides an end to a perfect day!

Fish in a Bubble – Fantasy Sunset Sea

You’ve heard of ship in a bottle – now experience the fish in a bubble!

The beautiful sunset shimmers softly through the bubble..

with sunset rays reflected on the crystal blue water below

Crofter’s Cottage Print – Irish Thatched

An artist’s impression of a crofter’s cottage in Ireland – with late summer flowers blossoming and the splash of early Autumn golds.

The roof has a thatched design with flowering borders to draw you up the garden path.

Union Jack Print Splash – British Flag

A surreal print depicting the Union Jack in the style of splashed paint.

In the centre, a shiny star gives an effect of a glossy paint finish.

An unusual and funky item for that special someone who has everything!

Added 4th May 2012

Various Craft Items:

These items have been donated by Ness Kelly (volunteer & member of Tick Talk Ireland)

Amount to seller = none
Suggested Min bid price = varies (see item for details)
Shipping & paypal fees = varies (see item for details)
End date of auction = 31st May 2012 (entire auction ends at the end of MAY)

To bid: send email to bids(at)ticktalkireland.org with choice of item below & your min & max bid price (replace at with @ when sending)

Mixed Media Picture (with circle)

Dimensions: 31cm x31 cm / weight 500g

Min bid price 10 euro

Shipping/paypal fees : 6.50 euro Ire / 7.50 rest of world

Slate pot stand

Slate with heat sealed picture

(designs & size vary slightly)

20cm 21cm weight 400g

Min bid price 10 euro

Shipping/paypal fees : 4.50 euro Ire / 5.50 rest of world

Slate Broach

With fish design

Dimensions 6cm x 3cm approx

With package 12x10cm

Min bid price 4.90 euro

Shipping/paypal fees : 1.10 euro

Horse card

Dimensions 6×4 inches

Cards are Lino prints on card with an envelope

Min bid price 1.90 euro

Shipping/paypal fees : 1.10 euro

Heart card

Dimensions 6×4 inches

The cards are lino prints on card with an envelope

Min bid price 1.90 euro

Shipping/paypal fees : 1.10 euro

Added 12th May 2012

Pretty selection of handmade gift cards:

These items have been donated by Mary Smyth (volunteer & member of Tick Talk Ireland)

* Card measures (5.5 x 5.5 ins)
* Blank inside for own personal message

Amount to seller = none
Suggested Min bid price = 1.90 euros
Shipping & paypal fees = 1.10 euro
End date of auction = 31st May 2012 (entire auction ends at the end of MAY)

To bid: send email to bids(at)ticktalkireland.org with choice of item below & your min & max bid price (replace at with @ when sending)

i) love grows when shared mounted picture ready for box frame, handmade in galway by paper art and donated to Tick Talk to raise awareness/funds for their charity in Ireland…
ii) baby baptism with layered white heart, blue hearts & teddy bears
iii) baby baptism with cross, hearts & teddies
iv) baby baptism with pink & blue teddies & hearts
v) boy christening with yellow & blue hearts, white & blue teddy

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Flyers for the Lyme Disease Conference in June are now available – if you would like copies for your local GP, vets, school, library, bank, walker’s groups, brownie groups, hospitals & so on, please feel free to drop us a line using our contact form with a number of how many you’d require & a contact address for posting!

As a reminder early bird prices for the hotel end March 4th (now extended to March 18th) – please quote TICK TALK IRELAND when booking with Clontarf Castle Hotel. Early bird prices for the conference expire March 31st. For more details of prices, starting times, accomodation & speakers head on down to:
or see our blog post at: https://ticktalkireland.wordpress.com/2012/02/01/lyme-disease-conference-in-ireland/

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Clontarf Castle, Dublin. 5/6 June 2012


Half day Tuesday 5th June – protection & prevention tips, plus tick-borne infections in animals

Full day Wednesday 6th June – lyme disease in humans including testing, treatment & research


Clontarf Castle, Dublin (close to the airport, city centre, motorways & ferry terminals)


The conference will be suited to the following audience:

Tuesday session – members of the public who enjoy walking, camping or hunting, pet owners, farmers, park rangers & vets

Wednesday session – patients of diagnosed or suspected tick-borne diseases, doctors, nurses & interested scientists


Afternoon Tuesday 5th June:

Jenny O’Dea: Lyme Disease in the UK & Ireland – results of our tick studies & plus methods of protection
Dr Healy: The Factors Influencing the Density and Distribution in Space and Time of the Tick Ixodes ricinus
Dr Paul Nolan (GP, Ireland): Prevention is better than no cure
Jyotsna Shah (Igenex, USA): A comprehensive approach for diagnosis of Lyme and associated Diseases
Mícheál Casey (Head of Regional Vet Labs): An overview of tick-borne disease in Irish farm animals

All day Wednesday 6th June:

Dr Joseph Jemsek: – Dawn of a New Paradigm in Chronic Illness – The role & relevance of Lyme Borreliosis Complex
Dr Eva Sapi: – Killing Borrelia – is it possible?
Dr Armin Schwarzbach: Staging processes in the laboratory diagnosis of Lyme and co-infections by indirect laboratory tests
Dr Jean Monro – Supportive therapies for the Nervous System
Kate Bloor: An online survey of Lyme patient’s experience of health care in the UK and Eire
Nicola Darrell: Herbal Treatments for Lyme Disease – a look at treatment for lyme & management of post lyme symptoms

Please note that space will be allocated to allow for questions & answers

For details on registration & conference starting times please click here and for information on places to stay please click here. Cheap Flights are available through Ryanair or Aerlingus.

To reserve your ticket for the Lyme Conference go to:Conference Reservation

We also welcome exhibitors & sponsors, more information available on the link above.


Conference Bookings:

Please note to avail of the early bird special (a saving of 5 euros per person) bookings must be received by 31st March 2012

Half Day Tuesday 5th June: registration begins at 1pm, conference runs from 1.30 to 5pm = 20.00 Euro (*price will rise to 25.00 from 1st April) – coffees are included in the price

Full Day Wednesday 6th June: registration begins at 9am, conference runs from 9.30 to 5pm = 40.00 Euro (*price will rise to 45.00 from 1st April) – coffees & buffet lunch are included in the price

Both Days (afternoon 5th June / all day 6th June): registration & conference times above are applicable = 50.00 Euro (*price will rise to 55.00 from 1st April) – coffees both days & buffet lunch on Wednesday are included in the price

For payments by cheque or money order please contact us for address details.

*Please retain your paypal receipt to show on arrival*

Hotel Accommodation:

Clontarf Castle has offered a rate of 109 per room (single) & 119 per room (double). To obtain this rate please quote the ref code: TICK TALK IRELAND – Valid until 4th March (now extended until March 18th) 2012 (for more choices on accommodation please click here)


Price includes 4ft table, coffee & wed buffet lunch (where applicable). Max 2 per table booked. 50% deposit payable now, remainder due 31st March 2012.

Please click here to download exhibitor’s booking form, more details are included on the form.

Coming from the UK? Here’s some tips on how to get to Ireland:

By Air:

Cheap flights are available through Ryanair or Aerlingus.

Euroline coaches:

Travel to Ireland with Eurolines is easy, we provide a range of services to over 40 destinations with prices starting from just £42 return to Dublin (price includes transfer by ferry)

Services operate from most major cites in Britain including Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, London and Manchester arriving at city centre locations saving on the need for expensive airport transfers.



Why not combine the convenience of rail travel with your ferry crossing? Prices start from £32 per person each way.


Irish Ferries:

Save up to 25% Car plus 1 from £79 one way. From £79 online fare for you and your car is valid for midweek travel (Mon – Thurs) on all cruise ferry services up to 30 June 2012. Must be booked a min of 7 days in advance of travel date and by the 27 Feb 2012.


Stena Line:

Travel by ferry to Ireland with the Irish Sea’s leading ferry company from only £79 single for a car plus driver. Speed across the Irish Sea from Holyhead to Dun Laoghaire on our fastcraft or cruise over to Dublin City onboard one of our stylish Superferries.


NB: Please note that Dublin Port & Dun Laoghaire are 2 seperate ports of entry to Dublin. Important to note when looking at directions to the hotel 😉

Wheelchair friendly hotels:


Wheelchair friendly B & B’s:


Other B & B’s in the area:


Hotel Accommodation:

Clontarf Castle has offered a rate of 109 per room (single) & 119 per room (double). To obtain this rate please quote the ref code: TICK TALK IRELAND – Valid until 4th March 2012.

Other hotels in the area:

for more choices on accommodation please click here! 🙂

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Global Lyme Awareness Month runs throughout the month of May & to kick start things off we’re having a Tick Talk Awareness Week from 1-7th May 2011.

Our weekend fundraising & awareness event was a huge success raising over 2,000 Euros. The event included a sponsored walk, Lyme presentation & music event with raffles, prizes & sponsored leg waxing (ouch!). Photos will be coming soon! This was a lot of fun but of course, we do have to think about the serious side of Lyme too. For tips on Lyme prevention, symptoms, rashes, testing & treatment check out our main website at www.ticktallkireland.org

To celebrate Tick Talk Awareness Week here are a few poems for your enjoyment..

It’s Tick Talk Time by Pauline Reid

Lyme in Ireland isn’t rare
And people need to be aware
They say prevention’s better than cure,
With Lyme disease, of this we’re sure.
Treatment methods often fail
And tests don’t really tell the tale.
So if you take a walk, a hike, a climb
Remember folks, it’s Tick Talk Time!!!

If Ticks Could Talk by Jenny O’Dea

Luna the tick has a message for thee,
She can’t jump or fly & she can’t even see,
But that won’t stop her from spreading diseases
That’s far more serious than just coughs or sneezes
Our aim to to help all those who’re afflicted
& help warn the public on how Lyme’s prevented
Tick Talk Ireland is adding their plea
To protect your pets & your family

There’s a Tick in your bed by Janet Fitzgerald

There’s a tick in your bed.
it came in on your dog.
It may climb to your head,
like I read in a blog.
It can stick in you hinnie.
and feed on your blood.
And while it is dinning,
you won’t know – it’s odd.
Then a week or two after,
you may notice a rash.
so you go to the Doctor,
who don’t know trash.
Then a month passed by,
and nights you can’t sleep,
You feel you might die,
there’s even pain in your feet.
So, you read on the net
what you could have, is Lyme.
There is treatment for that

If anyone would like to add more entries feel free to email us at: info(at)ticktalkireland(dot)org

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Tick Talk Ireland Logo by Pauline Reid

Did You Know That Some Ticks Carry Infections That Can Make You Sick?

Are You Aware That You, Your Family & Pets Can All Be At Risk?

Would You Like To Know More On How To Be Protected?

Ticks are carriers of a devastating disease called Borreliosis or Lyme disease & may also transmit other co-infections. Lyme disease & other tick-borne diseases can infect the cardiac & endocrine system; can cause joint pain, fatigue & if left untreated can lead to worsening neurological symptoms

Lyme Awareness in May:

To help raise awareness of Lyme Disease, Tick Talk Ireland is having a tick awareness week running from 1st – 7th May 2011

To kick start the week we are having a fundraising & Lyme disease awareness event in County Wicklow, Ireland. The event will be held in Arklow Bay Hotel on May 1st 2011

Details of our event include:

• a sponsored walk along the coast in Co. Wicklow from 2pm

• free Lyme Disease presentation with sale of tick twisters at 7pm

• music, leg waxing, raffles & much more from 8pm until late

For further details & tickets please head on down to: www.ticktalkireland.org

Tick Talk Ireland – Registered Charity: 19588

“Encouraging awareness, prevention & treatment of Lyme Disease (Borreliosis) in Ireland.”

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I am pleased to announce some recent changes from Tick Talk Ireland!

* Check out our newly released – Tick Talk Ireland’s Main website

* We have now been approved as an official charitable body in Ireland. Our CHY number is 19588.

We are dedicated to raising awareness of Lyme disease in Ireland through informational sessions, leaflets & communication with local & health authorities. We aim to encourage research into the management of tick-borne disease, with particular focus on the chronic states of infection. We hope that physicians can be encouraged to attend Lyme conferences organised by ILADS in Europe as well as take advantage of the Lyme medical training which is offered to all doctors around the World (training takes place shadowing a Lyme literate doctor in the US funded by Turn the Corner Foundation).

* Donations are accepted via paypal – many thanks for your support!

* We have a new downloadable leaflet available at Tick Talk Irish Lyme Leaflet. Printed versions will be ready on completion of the design a logo competition.

* The design a new logo competition has been released & closing date for entries is March 31st 2011.

* A symptoms chart was made available for free download.

* Tick Talk Week is from 1st – 7th May 2011. Tick Talk Ireland will be holding a fundraising & awareness event on May 1st. Activities include a 10km sponsored walk along a coastal road in County Wicklow, a free Lyme presentation by officers of Tick Talk followed by music venue late into the evening at Arklow Bay Hotel with raffle prizes & more. Music event tickets & sponsorship cards available here.

If anyone is willing to help out on the day we’d be happy to hear from you. We need volunteers to ensure that walkers are safe, help with raffle tickets & also supplies of raffle prizes on the big day. Email to: info (at) ticktalkireland.org.

* Tick twisters are now available for sale priced at 5 euros each plus 1.10 shipping & handling. Great for slipping in your pocket while out walking & safe to carry on planes for your countryside holiday overseas. Can be used on humans & pets. Two twisters are included per pack.

As a reminder we have two surveys open to the public in Ireland. One is a Lyme symptom & experiences survey directed at patients who either live in Ireland or who live abroad & were infected in Ireland. Another is aimed at the general public who may be visiting nature trails & national parks during the summer to see if Lyme awareness leaflets, posters or warning signs are being made available to the public.

Keep safe this spring & summer & looking forward to meeting to you in May!

Best wishes, Tick Talk Ireland

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For details of our Design A Logo Competition please go to:

Tick Talk Design A Logo Competition Rules

Or download our printable version


Closing date 31st March 2011. Prizes offered – see inside for more details…

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Under Our Skin comes to County Kerry 2010

The week of April 12th thru the 18th is Tick Awareness Week. Tick Talk Ireland will present, free for public viewing, the USA produced documentary “Under Our Skin,” Thursday, April 15th at 7 to 9 pm at the Diseart Centre in Dingle Co. Kerry.

“Under Our Skin” deals with the risks, diagnoses, and treatment of Lyme disease. The documentary, which is of the highest standard, was short-listed for the 2010 Oscar awards. As it deals with some stressful issues, this film is recommended for adult viewing only.

This venue is held in collaboration with the Dingle Hill Walking Group

RSVP to this event via Facebook

Tick Prevention Week:

Tick Prevention Week is organised by BADA-UK (Borreliosis and Associated Diseases Awareness-UK), a registered charity, which aims to increase awareness; to counter the increase in cases of Borreliosis and other tick-borne diseases (TBDs), and the increasing risks of being bitten by an infected tick. Tick Prevention Week is endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.

To learn more about the movie Under Our Skin

Learn about the Diseart Centre:

Any questions? Contact us at ticktalkireland@yahoo.co.uk

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